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Version actuelle : 1.43
Mise à jour :
Nécessite Android : 1.43
Installations : Entre 10 000 et 50 000
Taille : 1,4M
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Scid on the go is a viewer for Scid chess database files.

* Browse Scid (Shane's Chess Information Database) files, optimized for databases with millions of games
* Header search using player names, sites, events, dates, results, ECO, ELO ratings,…
* Search games by material and position
* Favorites
* Copy/paste games and positions to/from clipboard
* Edit board
* Support for variations
* Replay the game with a configurable delay between moves (autoplay)
* PGN import (also includes import from Internet)
* Analysis with included chess engine: Critter 1.2 (ARM) or Stockfish 2.1.1 (x86); you can add additional UCI engines for analysis
* Study mode
* Experimental write support and marking of games for deletion (needs Scid for PC to compact database after marking games for deletion)
* Retrieve positions from external programs, such as (ChessOcr, non-free)

* GNU GPL v2
* Source:

* Most of the GUI code was taken from Peter Österlunds DroidFish and re-released under GPL v2 by the authors permission.
* Scid integration by Gerhard Kalab.
* Various enhancements by Alexander Klimov.
* Manage UCI engines by Larry Isaacs.

* Storage for accessing databases stored on the SD card
* Internet access for downloading PGN files from The Week in Chess ( and
ChessOK (

App Screenshots

Screenshots  Scid on the go
Screenshots  Scid on the go
Screenshots  Scid on the go
Screenshots  Scid on the go
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Taille: 1,4M